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We can also advise on TRAVEL INSURANCE!  Please contact us for details.

In addition to curating exclusive art trips for our clients, Art & Travel is also a proud affiliate of Embark Beyond.


Embark is a luxury travel advisory 'dedicated to creating thoughtfully-designed experiences that go beyond a destination. Harnessing our power of partnerships, EMBARK Beyond delivers something no other firm can – a vast global partnership network, deep luxury market expertise and unparalleled access.'

With this cooperation, Art & Travel can also provide advisory and services for your individual and corporate needs. 


With access to all Virtuoso benefits, and a partnership with Brickell Travel (and American Express), we can make sure your trip has the best offer possible.  On top of this, Embark's Team maintains close relationships with top leaders across the travel agency - hotel managers, destination guides, private villa and yacht owners, concierge services, and so on.  

We want you to always experience the best of the best, and with that comes services and access.  Please do not hesitate to reach out for a consultation on your next trip.

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