Art & Travel has been organizing trips for individuals and institutions for over 30 years, with the mission of exploring the art world through a unique combination of hands-on personalized experiences, engaging art content and exclusive events.  Founded by art historian Carol Neuberger, Art & Travel first began with simple walking tours of Paris and the Pompidou Museum in Paris - a relationship we continue to cherish - and has grown over the years to include trips ranging from a day to several weeks in length, in countries all over the world! 


President Laura Worth and the A&T team continue to curate trips, incorporating also architecture, design, fashion, culture, and performing arts.


Our trips are organized around events, fairs, exhibitions, artistic genres, collecting groups, sometimes even pilgrimages, and are always hand-tailored to the wishes of our clients.  Whether working with premier museums, universities, foundations, cultural institutions, or individuals, Art & Travel promises a personalized experience, customizing every itinerary to the specifications of our clients.

As a part of our business model, and in reflection of our own values, a portion of the profits from every trip are donated to foundations, non-profits, and institutions that support the arts, and that help to make our trips possible.  

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We are honored to work with such fine individuals and organizations, and will remain ever dedicated to the shared appreciation of art in all its forms.